Make a how to video

– Make a 45s to 1 minute “How to” video

Success Criteria
-work by yourself or in a group of 2 people maximum
– brainstorm a simple idea and write a script for it
– storyboard your idea in detail
– have at least 10 camera angles
– include a dolly or slider shot
– use at least 6 different camera shots (not necessarily different angles)
– use a boom mic, doc mic or post shooting mic to have strong audio

Steps to Success
1) Research a topic that you may be an expert in. Or, choose something that you could succinctly explain in a short amount of time.
2) Maybe you aren’t an expert in something. Find a friend, family member, teacher or another person that is great at doing something.
3) Write a great script. You may be a great public speaker, but to explain something well, you need to make a strong script. The words included in your video will go a long way to explaining your video shot. With less sentences that are not wordy, your “how to” video will be easier to understand.
4) Shoot your video using a tripod, getting many shots of the activity. Be sure the shots are in focus. If using a microphone, make sure you test the audio afterwards. With a how to video, it may be easier to add audio in post production

Sample videos


Rubric for “How to” Video
[Link to Rubric for “How to” Video]



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