Live action Stop Motion

Learning Goal

Create a 10-15s second animation using live action.

You will be responsible for creating a
1) production brief which will be shared in Google classroom.
2) shooting and editing in Dragonframe or iMovie.
3) adding royalty free music in Garageband.

Let’s learn a bit about stop motion from the NFB.

Steps to Success
1. Form a group (maximum of 2)
2. Brainstorm ideas (I would watch some examples of stop motion)
3. Complete production brief.
4. Storyboard your ideas.
5. Start filming, photographing.
6. Edit and put together in Dragonframe. Add music through the use of Garageband and creative commons audio.

Evaluation of Stop Motion Animation Project

Storyboard and Brainstorm
Does the storyboard convey effectively the action that will take place in your movie?
Does it make sense without any explanation?
Are the drawings reasonably neat?
Is your production brief complete and detailed?

Did you take an adequate amount of pictures? Does the movement appear to be relatively smooth, with no jumps or jerkiness?
Technical/Equipment Use
Did you use the camera and lighting effectively? Did you shoot in Manual Mode?

Have music/sound effects been used successfully?
Have you used titles effectively (intro/closing credits)?

Final Product
Is the final movie cohesive (all parts seem to make sense together)
Does the full package (music/video/titles) produce an enjoyable to watch finished product?

Did you reflect on your project in a thorough manner?
Have you critiqued the work of other students in the class?

Examples of Historical Stop Motion Live Action


Examples of Student work

Examples of YouTube work

Examples of Professional work

Rubric for Animation
[Link to Rubric]


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