Photo Assignment #1


Take photos that follow the 2 themes outlined in Aperture Priority Mode (Av).
You should have 5 final photos for each theme.

Success Criteria
1) Are the photos in focus?
2) Is the photo lit well?
3) Are the angles interesting?
4) Is the photo composed well, what is in the background?
[Link to Composition tips]
[Another Composition tip]
5) Were the photos shot in Aperture priority mode (Av) ?
6) Did you take extra photographs? Don’t take 1000 photos but perhaps you need 40-50 photos to choose from)

When you have taken your photographs, upload them to your computer.

1) Letters or numbers – 5 photos of letters or number>
Pretty self explanatory, take photos of numbers or letters.


Photo by Kristina Alexandersen

2) Portrait examination – 5 photos of the same individual
Find a person to take a photograph of. Now photograph them so you have 5 unique points of view of that person.


[Link to Rubric]