Photo Assignment #1


Take photos that follow the 2 themes outlined in Aperture Priority Mode (Av).
You should have 5 final photos for each theme.

Success Criteria
1) Are the photos in focus?
2) Is the photo lit well?
3) Are the angles interesting?
4) Is the photo composed well, what is in the background?
[Link to Composition tips]
[Another Composition tip]
5) Were the photos shot in Aperture priority mode (Av) ?
6) Did you take extra photographs? Don’t take 1000 photos but perhaps you need 40-50 photos to choose from)

When you have taken your photographs, upload them to your computer.

1) 10 photographs of 1 small object. Using different camera angles, styles and composition, take 10 photographs of 1 small object.
small subject.jpg

2) Abstract images – Take 5 photographs that would be considered abstract.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography, like all abstract art, focuses on the simplest elements of artistic expression. The viewer is often unable to see the whole subject within the photo. In an abstract, the subject is often only a small part of the idea of the image.

Viewers may only know the essence of the subject, or understand it, by what is implied. Instead the viewer is drawn into the image by the beauty, interest or uniqueness of the visual experience.
[Link to more abstract images]



[Link to Rubric]