Principles of Media Arts

Understand one of the four principals of media arts and explain it the class.

You will have 15 minutes to research online one of the principles assigned to you. If there are words you are unsure of, be sure to look them up. Your group will write explanations on the paper provided. You could also show a video or photo if that helps explain your principle.

When creating media arts, there tend to be four principles that are followed:

1) Duration
Refers to time and how its perception can be manipulated and presented in media art works.It can also be used to describe the temporal nature of those art works that exist for only a limited time. Think of something like a time-lapse video or something that something in slow motion.

2) Hybridization
Is the technique used in creating art works in which genres, styles, concepts, materials, media, and forms are combined to create new “hybrid” forms. An example could be combining an animation with live video. An example could be the film Lego Movie.

3) Interactivity
Interactive media art works involve viewer participation in the art work itself. Common interactive media art works include interactive installations, performance art, and web-based art. An example could be interactive art on the NFB (National Film Board) site.

4) Point of View
Point of view can be either conceptual or physical.Conceptual points of view include internal, external, subjective, objective, cultural, political, and social viewpoints. For example, a documentary film may have a certain bias that is obvious and that would be a conceptual point of view. Physical points of view include bird’s eye, worm’s eye, eye level,360 degree, internal, micro, macro, and telescopic viewpoints. An example would be when filming, the cinematographer may use a different lens or move the camera to a different position to create a certain effect.

These definition were taken from the Ontario Curriculum, Arts, 2010.

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