Culminating Activity – Documentary Film

Students will learn the art of documentary making by profiling a significant person, event or site in our community.  If you want to master your documentary skills, you could apply to attend Doc Camp.

Pre-Production  (week 1)

Introduction to documentary style

Watch Documentary Films, such as Spellbound

$4 Haircut

Carts of Darkness

Hot Docs Library

Establish topic and interview candidate   –  your person must be “authoritative”, someone of interest.

Production  (week 2,3)

Prepare questions and set up interview

Conduct interview – use two cameras for a variety of angles and make sure you use a quiet location, away from windows! Don’t forget to get a signed release form!

Shoot locations drawn from interview and collect file images to illustrate topics

Post Production  (week 4,5)

Edit to exactly 4 minutes in length.

Titles and transitions

Soundtrack with appropriate ducking – the interview MUST be heard!

Voiceover, if required.  However, a good idea to have the person interviewed over footage of what they do, day to day.

Written work:  release forms, production schedule and transcript of answers to the interview


VIDEO:  Camera work, Location choices, Historical context, Editing, Image quality, Audio quality, Interview content, Interview Tech, Soundtrack, Overall quality

WRITTEN:  Use of time, Transcript, Production Schedule, Release forms




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