1 minute documentary film

Learning Goal

Create a 45s – 1 minute documentary film

Success Criteria

– an interview
– shots of person doing an activity or something they are interested in
– could be more than one person, maybe a group, team (a dog is not a person)
– quality audio using external mic and sound board, or boom mic
– in focus shots of person
– use of many camera angles

Done by CWDHS student Anders G.

Film by Alex M. and Jody B.

Film by Tobias B.

Film by Max W.

Film by Talon B., Codi W. and Andrew S.




0) In your creativity book, answering the following questions and thoughts.
1) Get in groups of 1, 2 or 3 people
2) Create an idea in the UG Cloud and share it with me
3) Find the person and get their permission to film
4) Storyboard your idea
5) Shoot
6) Edit the film




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