45s Interview Film

Learning Goal

Prepare, shoot and edit a 45s interview.
Success Criteria for a successful interview

Background knowledge.
[Link to wikihow page with tips on how to film interviews]

Steps to success

  1. Prepare a few questions to ask the person you are interviewing. (Think about their interests, extra curricular activities, something interesting about them) These questions will go in your journal. You should have at least 5 questions.
  2. Listen to their answers and guess how they will answer it.
  3. Set up the shot
    a)What type of background do you want? Composition? What will be in the background? What is this interview about? What will they be talking about?
    b) What is the light like? Make sure the key light (main source of light) is in front of the person being interviewed.
    c) Get the audio set up and make sure you use an external mic and recorder.
  4. Make sure the person is at ease during the interview and make sure they are comfortable. Let them know you will be editing the film.
  5. John Sawatsky, the journalist that trains ESPN reporters has this advice, ““Keep questions short, to the point, open-ended — “yes” or “no” should not be a possible response.”Open-ended questions help put your interviewee in explainer mode and avoids short, unusable answers. Sawatsky gives this example: “Instead of asking: ‘It must have been tough in the early years,’ ask: ‘What were the early years like?’”

    Here are some of Sawatsky’s other suggestions for avoiding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers: How do you know that?

    • What makes you say that?
    • What happened next?
    • What does that mean?
    • Can you give me an example of that?
    • What’s that like?

Taken from Videomaker.com

Steps to Success
1) Choose a group of 2-3 people.
2) Brainstorm topics and questions to ask the person. Write these down on a piece of paper.
3) Decide where you will be filming.
4) Film with the proper audio set up (Boom Mic or interview Mic) and use the 50mm lens.
5) Edit in iMovie.



[Link to Rubric]