Bembo’s Zoo

Before you start your assignment, you need to learn the basics of Flash.
Shape Tween 1

Shape Tween 2

Motion Tween

Text Shape Tween

Animation in an animation

Your first task will be to make a 10-15 second animation about your name.
We will go over the tutorials today and they will be made available at
at the CWDHS YouTube Channel:

Your First Task must include

– a shape tween
– a motion tween
– text
– background
– 10-15 seconds of animation
– size of 960px wide and 540px high
– your name

Bembo’s Zoo

This unit uses Flash animation to create some amazing animals. The idea originated by a website by a New York children’s illustrator. Check out his creations:

(and if you need a starting spot, do one of his animals!)

You will create three animals, using only the letters of their name and punctuation. Place them on an interesting background and have them do something at the end.

Compile all three into a mini-movie with a title and soundtrack, for slick presentation.


1. Create a background. For each animal, have the name enter the stage. If you go letter by letter, then each needs its own layer for independent movement. Make sure you label every layer – there will a lot to keep track of!

2. Keep the animal name on screen for a minimum of 50 keyframes, and then have it exit.

3. Have each letter re-enter and morph into a part of the animal.

4. Once the animal has been created, allow it to pause on screen and then have it do something – eat, shake its head, run offstage …  then do the next animal.

5. Export each as a Quicktime file with a screen size of 960 x 540 pixels. Import into iMovie. Add titles and transitions. Share to GarageBand and create a unifying soundtrack. Animal sound effects can also be added at this point.

Bembo Exemplars



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