30 Second film

Prepare, shoot and edit a short 30s film.

  1. For your first film, you will first have to write a short description of your film. You will write about it on paper or google doc.
    The description should include the setting, actors(if used) and a brief writeup of what will happen in the film. Be sure to include how the film will go a long with the theme chosen.
    You are planning, producing and editing a 30s film.
    The theme is the following:
    “Water” or “Run”
  2. Each individual needs their own storyboard.  You need to be plan, produce and edit your own film.  You may have friends in the class helping out.
  3. You will also need to draw a storyboard, with at least 9 images. Here is an example done by Iona H.
  4. Shoot your film, keeping in mind you need to include 9 different filming techniques/angles and/or movements.
    Video showing how to use your Canon T3i to shoot video.
  5. Edit film in iMovie



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