InDesign and Photoshop- Creating your Ad

The media is always about selling something.  For better or for worse, we get caught up in it.

Taken from Francesco Mugnai

By why do we?  Is it colour?  Sex?  A catchy logo?  A famous person?
What makes a great ad?

There are numerous ways to make a great ad.  Sometimes, it just takes a great photograph.  Chris Buck is a Canadian photographer who relies on his great camera skills for ads.

Chris Buck (Click on the dollar sign)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 1.36.14 PM.png

Other notable advertising photographers:
Irving Penn
Tim Tadder
Paul Kline
Eric Johansson
Kremer Johnson
Jean Yves Lemoigne
Ranson and Mitchell
Sharad Haksar

You are going to make a photoshop advertisement for something, anything.


1) Read through print ads and online ads for ideas for photography and good design.
2) Brainstorm ideas for your own advertisement and run them by the teacher.
3) Start photographing and editing your photo.
4) Work on your design in Photoshop.

Setting up in Photoshop

Open up Photoshop Elements.  Click File>New
Your settings should be the following:

Width: 8 inches
Height: 10 inches
Resolution: 72 pixels/in
Background: Transparent

Or, if you would like it to be landscape, make the width 10, and the height 8 inches.

The images MUST be ones that you have taken with one of our cameras.

Checklist for your work

1) should include some kind of selection use, manual or auto
2) played with colour
3)  layers used
4) clone tool or other manipulation
5) an original photograph of yours as the main image
6) file is the right size, with the correct resolution
7) demonstrated good design
8) file is saved as a .PSD file but saved as a .JPG
9) Good slogan with interesting font

More importantly, your ad should be awesome!

Here is an ad done by a media arts student last year.




Rubric for Photoshop Advertisement
[Link to Rubric for Photoshop Advertisement]


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