InDesign and Photoshop- Creating your Ad

The media is always about selling something.  For better or for worse, we get caught up in it.

Taken from Francesco Mugnai

By why do we?  Is it colour?  Sex?  A catchy logo?  A famous person?
What makes a great ad?


Photo by Chris Buck

There are numerous ways to make a great ad.  Sometimes, it just takes a great photograph.  Chris Buck is a Canadian photographer who relies on his great camera skills for ads.

Chris Buck (Canadian)

Other notable advertising photographers:
Tim Tadder
Mike Ford
Link to many famous advertising photographers

Learning Goal

Look through magazines and find an interesting advertisements and evaluate them.

Steps to success

1) Leaf through some magazines and find some interesting advertisements.
2) Cut out your favourite 2 advertisements.
3) Answer the following questions about your advertisement in your journal and paste them in your journal.
i) What is the advertisement about?
ii) Who is this advertisement aimed at?
iii) What do you think makes the advertisement effective? Think of the content, the photography, the design and the slogan.

You are going to make a photoshop advertisement for something, anything.


1) Read through print ads and online ads for ideas for photography and good design.
2) Brainstorm ideas for a great ad in your Hilroy creativity book.
3) Show your work to your teacher for approval and feedback.
4) Start photographing and editing your photo.
5) Add type and design in InDesign and post your completed ad on your blog

Or, if you would like it to be landscape, make the width 10, and the height 8 inches.

You must use your images only.

Checklist for your work

1) use good design to layout your advertisement
2) download a different font to use
3)  layers used
4) any photos used are yours
5) demonstrated good design through some of the basic principles, such as repetition, alignment, contrast and proximity.
6) There is a message included by adding text, used a font that was appropriate

More importantly, your ad should be awesome!

Student Exemplars

Ad. by Avery C.

Ad. by Avery C.

Advertisement by Grace B.

Advertisement by Grace B.

COFFEE (1).jpg

Rubric for InDesign and Photoshop Advertisement
[Link to rubric for Photoshop Advertisement]

Peer Assessment
[Link to Peer assessment] (Honest critique of 4 advertisements and yours, so 5 in total)

Rubric for Peer Assessment
[Link to Rubric for Peer critique]


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