Deconstructed Landscapes Photography Assignment #2

Learning Goal

Create a photo collage of photos from one area or theme. The name of this assignment is deconstructed landcapes.


Deconstructed Landscapes

Deconstructed Landscapes

Try a new way to explore a landscape by creating a composite of multiple fragments of it that you’ve taken during a short walk. A 30 minute stroll is all you need. Keep your kit and settings simple, and don’t get bogged down with tripods, filters or complicated techniques. Shoot anything that catches your eye in Aperture Priority mode. When you’re back in class, create a grid in inDesign and assemble your selection of pictures. Make each photo the same size.

Student Exemplars

Landscape collage put together by Zach G. in 2018.

Landscape put together by Zach G. in 2018.



Success Criteria
Be sure that almost all of your photos are focused.
Have one photo that has some blur in it.
Photographs should be well exposed.
Various camera angles and techniques should be used.
Photos should be taken in one general area or landscape.
Photos should be arranged correctly using the InDesign software.

Rubric for Photoshop of Deconstructed Landscapes.
[Link to Rubric]