Culminating Activity – Poetry/Song Project

Learning Goal

Create a 2-3 minute movie on the poem/song of your choice.

Success Criteria

-live video portions, edited in iMovie or other software
-animation using Flash
-music, either royalty free, or Garageband
-VOICEOVER, of you or someone in the group reading the poem/song
-credits that include a title, poet’s name or singer’s name, and your name

Steps to Success

1) Have a look at previous projects

Here are some poem projects from Sheridan’s Media Arts Program for the poem Winter Sketches.


2) Come up with a group and brainstorm ideas for your project. The correct song or poem is key to a successful project.
3) Write a detailed explanation about what the poem or song is about using the UG Cloud and share it with me.
4) Prepare a good copy Storyboard with at least 3 pages completed. Show it me to get it approved.
5) Start planning when the film will be shot.
6) Shoot and edit film.
7) Create a Flash animation that will be included in the film.
8) Put it all together in iMovie and export out. Due Date is Monday, January 20th, beginning of class.


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