Youth Privacy Film

For the next 3 weeks, you will be working on a youth privacy film.  For more information, refer to the following site,

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

You will work in pairs, or, by yourself, and produce a film in 1 of the 4 categories mentioned on the site.

1) Privacy Related to Mobile Devices.

2) Privacy Issues related to social networking.

3) Privacy Issues related to gaming.

4) Privacy Issues related to cybersecurity.

For the video rules, click here.

In groups of 2, you need to choose which category you are going to focus on.  You need to have a storyboard, with a script, completed by Friday.  You should start filming by the start of next week.

3-4 days of filming, could be in class, in the hallway, library.  We do have an external microphone which I highly recommend you use.

Post Production
5 days of editing and cutting your film, using iMovie.

Deadline for this project is Thursday, December 15th.



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