PSA – Change the view or other

You will make a PSA or some type of film addressing the theme of the contest, “Change the view”. It must be related to Mental Health

[Link to Change the View contest]

If entering the contest:

  • 2 minutes max
  • No professional assistance
  • No copyrighted music or images
  • No profanity or offensive content *including methods of suicide or self-harm*

If not entering the contest, you will make a PSA for a theme such as mental health.
It could be film, or animation, like Flash.

Here are some exemplars for the Change the View Contest.

Winner from last year


Local Contacts on Mental Health
We are fortunate to have a child and youth worker in the school. Her name is Kim Sonnet.
She has lots of great resources for Mental Health and has shared them with us.
Get in Touch for Hutch
[Link to Facebook page]

Canadian Mental Health Association
[Link to Page]

Steps to Success
Have a storyboard and a plan in place for your film
Where will the film be shot? What angles will be used? Will there be interview questions?
Who will be watching this film? Is it age appropriate?

Get video and cinematography shots
Get actors ready and have the right setting for your film

Post Production
Edit film in iMovie, add music
Get others to critique your film
Add Credits



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