Make an avatar and a 3 panel comic

Hey class!

We will evaluate your stop motion films tomorrow.
For today, you will have fun building an avatar and a simple 3 panel comic using bitstrips. An avatar is just a graphical representation of yourself.
Getting Started
1) To start, you will go the bitstripsforschools login.

[Link to BitStripsForSchools]

2) Under Student Login on the left, enter the following classroom code: cwasm3m1 and click on the Go button

3) Select your name from the name box. If this is the first time you are logging in, create your password and click Set Password.

If you have logged in before, enter the password you made on your first login and click Login.

Please keep the comics appropriate for the high school setting. They are moderated so they need to be approved by me before they are shared with the class. Have fun!


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