“Documentary might be the coolest cultural form around”

I am a big fan of the documentary genre. It has a long uphill battle against the fiction Hollywood industry, but there are many caveats to it.

There is a great article on the Huffington post by NFB producer Gerry Flahive.

[Link to Article]

He states that “documentary might be the coolest cultural form around” and makes references to the impressive collection of interactive media projects released by the NFB over the year, including HIGHRISE. In fact, because of that film, the New York Times teamed up with the NFB to produce another interactive film, A Short History of the Highrise.

I like how Gerry finished the article,

I’ve always felt that documentaries, unlike journalism and current affairs, are at their best when they show us something that’s right before our eyes but that, for want of the skills of a great filmmaker and generous and collaborative participants, we just haven’t been able to perceive and understand. News stories need a “hook.” Documentary makes its own. And now more and more people are able to make their own documentaries. That’s going to take us all to some interesting places.


He is talking about you guys! You are the people that can make your own documentaries. Now do it!



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