Alex Rolph and Anders Gatten win Bronze at Ontario TV/Video Competition

On May 1st, Alex Rolph and Anders Gatten, 2 media arts students at Centre Wellington District High School, travelled to Waterloo for the the 2012 Ontario Technological Skills competition.  They were competing in the TV/Video competition.  They were up against 20 other teams, from all across the province.  These teams got there by finishing atop their respective regions.  On May 2nd, the duo were awarded the Bronze medal at the awards ceremony.  This is the first ever team from CWDHS to medal in the TV/Video competition.

Anders and Alex said a few things about their 3rd place victory.

“It feels awesome.  We really liked the camera shots and the music that went with our video.  We focused on baking as an art form and we wanted to make it humorous.  It was a bit risky going with humour because Skills Canada was looking for a video that they could actually use as an advertisement.  Furthermore, we didn’t want them to think we were making fun of them.  Looking back, I think we needed more interviews and more technical information about baking.”

Principal Maggie Roe was quite proud of the achievements of Anders and Alex, and those of other CWDHS students.

“I attended the awards ceremony in Waterloo and it was absolutely wonderful to recognize all the participants in Skills Ontario.  Centre Wellington District High School had 8 students competing in everything from Graphic Design to individual carpentry.  It was especially impressive for our school to take home 2 medals, a silver in Job Interview to Josh Caldwell and a bronze for Anders Gatten and Alex Rolph in TV/Video.  They represented our school at the highest level and I am ecstatic about their accomplishments.”


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