Alex R. and Anders G. win Skills Qualifying competition

On Saturday, April 14th, 2012, the CWDHS TV/Video team, made up of Alex R. and Anders G. travelled to Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.  They left at 6:45 a.m. to take on 17 other teams from 7 different school boards.  They were battling for the TV/Video qualifying skills competition.  They already had a storyboard and plan.  Upon arrival, they had to shoot, edit, and show their film.  At around 5p.m., after a long day of editing and waiting for judging, the results came in.  Anders and Alex had won first place!  This is a first for a CWHDS media arts team.  They now move on to the Provincial competition, taking place at RIM park on Tuesday, May 1st.

Alex R. was quite happy with how the day went, “I liked going around the campus filming. We were happy with our final product but it could have been better.”  Their first place result was even more impressive because they only came together as a team 2 days before their first competition.

“We worked really hard and were up against other great projects from other schools”, said Anders G.  The May 1st competition will be quite different than the qualifying one.  Anders said, “on the day of, we’ll have to keep to a tight schedule.  We’ll have to be open minded because we will only know the theme of our project on the day of competition.”

Teamwork has been a key to their success.  “Alex and I both have strong opinions but we work surprisingly well together.  Our strengths are in the 2 largest areas of the competition.  I’m more of the cinematographer and Alex is the main editor.  We both have good ideas when it comes to storytelling.”

If Alex and Anders finish in first at provincials, they will go on to represent Ontario at the National competition in Alberta.



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