Away today.


Away today, sorry class!

3 things to do today.
1) Make sure all your images are on p0sts.  Remember, your originals images go into 1 post and the edited ones in Photoshop go in another.  Don’t forget to make sure the files are saved as .JPG’s, or else you won’t be able to upload them.  Write at least 1-2 sentences explaining what you did for each edit.

2) Visit other blogs from students in our class. The links can be found on the right side.  Check out their images and comment on at least 2 other blogs (Comment on the edited images).  Tell the other student which image you liked the most and why.  Also tell them which one you weren’t that impressed with and why.

3) Click on Photoshop -Creating your Ad. at the top.  Your next assignment will involve making an advertisement in Photoshop.  Before you get a camera, you will have to sketch at 2 least drawings of what you want your ad to look like.


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