Welcome to Grade 11 media arts

Welcome to grade 11 media arts!  Hope you all had a nice summer.  Our first task is to make a blog.  A couple of key things.

1) You can’t use your whole name.  For instance, the name on mine would be J. Martinez

2) This is an educational site and needs to contain appropriate material.

3) Do not make fun of others.

4) Have fun.

You have 2 options..

Either tumblr or wordpress.  Both are great.

For your first post, you are going to introduce yourself.

Answer some or all of the following questions.
1) My favourite activity is
2) The best book I have ever read is
3) What I hope to learn out of this course is
4) I am really scared of
5) Add a photo or video of something that means a lot to you

You can add other things too.  When you are done, please leave a comment below with a link to your blog.



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