Feedback from Jessica

2 things.

1) Some basic camera angles

2) Feedback from Jessica

–          Coin flip – currently the message conveys that a woman should not leave consent to a coin flip.  It is not a woman’s or anyone responsibility to not be sexually assaulted.  Therefore the message should be “consent is never a coin flip”.
–          Party Scene with Third party intervener – there needs to be something about consent, this is an opportunity for the observer (male) to say to the other male who is bringing the drunk girl upstairs – consent isn’t optional it should be clear.
–          Signs – bit too much like last year, really liked changing the idea to the shoes from “sexual assault can happen in all walks of life” – this eliminates the problem of being diverse.
–          Stats group – stats are tough because you never know which one to choose.  However, if you are trying to convene that this can happen to both women and men, but more so to women, have a bunch of women and a couple men in chairs, post the question “will the sexual assault survivor please stand up” – all get up and the message comes “it could be you”.  Be the solution…
–          Date rape drug – the part that was missing was the message, if he is interested in doing a piece on date rape drug – there could be a freeze frame with a voice over that says “this is not consent”.
–          Guys sitting on bench – objectifying different objects – need to move it to some message that shows a woman with respect and not a sexual object.  Women are not objects – need to convey that message.
–          Didn’t have a chance to see the half a face and a statistic group because they left.


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