Timeline for your PSA Project

I am away today, back tomorrow.

Here is a general outline for your PSA Project.  Remember, for more information, refer to the PSA page at the top.

Timeline and checklist for things to do.

  1. Brainstorm in small groups and came up with as many ideas as possible.  (2 days, do this today!)
  2. Analyze the ideas you come up with, eliminate ones that will be impossible to do.
  3. Pick your best idea, run it by Mr. Martinez and people not in your group.
  4. Develop a detailed storyboard and script.
  5. Shot a rough cut of your idea.  Don’t worry about perfect acting, props, lighting and angles, just a basic shoot.
  6. Edit your footage in iMovie.
  7. Show your work to the GWAC (Guelph Wellington Action Committee) for feedback.
  8. Shoot and edit your polished final version of your PSA
  9. Submit to GWAC for preview and voting of favourite PSA (Absolute last day for editing film is Monday, April 11th)
  10. Attend launch of PSA

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